June 23, 2010

29th Fete de La Musique 'Musique au Feminin' Concert at Palais Royal, Paris.

On June 21 music is primary in Paris. There is a band or musical act on
every corner for the Festival of Music that takes place every year.
Needless to say, it is amazing!! I had the pleasure of being apart of this
photographically at Palais Royal in the center of Paris. Enjoy!!

Amparo Sanchez


I guess you can't enjoy everything!

........after the above concert I continued on to see my friend Seb Sanchez in the south of Paris. What a party!!

Photo Shoot Nø.7

Montmartre, Paris

Wardrobe Styling: Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel
Model: Quentin Thibaudat
MUA/Hair: Daria Ślusarczyk
Team Sidekick: Boris Hodonou

June 5, 2010

Villette Sonique at La Villette, Paris 2010

This past week I photographed the Villette Sonique Festival and I must say, bravo. The quality of music and the interesting & unique sound of the individual nights was not only well thought out but it has left me anticipating next year's lineup. This is a festival I suggest you keep your eye on!

I would like to send some California love to Emil Amos of OM who was wearing a Santa Cruz tee shirt during their set!! I had my sweater on too.....we had a wink, wink "thats awesome" moment.