February 26, 2010

MISS KITTIN @ Régine, Paris

FÉLOCHE @ EMB in Sannois, France

If you are in Paris, love music and are feeling adventurous I suggest taking the time to see a show at EMB. It is about 20 minutes outside of Paris by way of the RER. This was the second show that I've seen at this venue and I plan to go back. This night, FÉLOCHE put on a great performance and were really wonderful to speak with afterward. It is nights like this that I am reminded why I play the game. I want to thank Alexandra for coming with me and Guillaume for telling me about the show and supplying me with a photo pass!

You never know.....

....what you are going to run into on the streets of Paris!
People jumping on cars and trucks trying to make their way down the road. Fires being lit and thrown. People yelling and signing. I feel it is a bit of an overreaction to sports but, who am I to say?