January 29, 2010

Photo Shoot Nø.5

Model: Alban Wurm
St. Germain, Paris

Photo Shoot Nø.4

While I was in Los Angeles I worked with designer Jessica Darwin, stylist Alona Ignacio, hair stylist Reyna Soto and model Courtney McCann. This was our impromptu shoot.
It was a fun day! Full of ideas and PBR. Great team!

Tournez autour.

Dusty Grave

All things pass into the night.
You won't listen to me.
You told me, I've seen it all before.
I've been there.
I've seen my hopes and dreams lying on the ground.
Goodbye horses. I'm lying over you......

January 28, 2010

You, me and a bucket of sangria!

Last night I went with my friend Lisa to find an adventure. We spent the first part of the night dancing in the metro as we made our way to Odéon. I remember skipping as we left the subway...both listening to our own music, arms linked and laughing. These are the moments I live for! I just got off the phone with my personal favorite Dean and I will be taking him to this bar when he visits from Los Angeles this Spring.

Bar International - 10 rue de l'Odéon Paris 75006

January 24, 2010

January 6, 2010

Where am I?

I have been up for days. It's a mixture of jet lag and insomnia. I have averaged less then 4 hours a night since my return to Paris last week. I fear there is no end. Life hurts at the moment. I lay in bed for hours with no real rest. Tonight out of desperation I drank a bottle of wine to knock myself out....that was eight hours ago. I'm sober again. The sun is coming up.