December 29, 2009

Yarn Bird Quote

"We're here to rock your socks off... and, we have synthesizers to prove it".

-Dean Wick

December 17, 2009

Etienne de Crecy

I have found my favorite DJ! His name is Eitenne de Crecy. I saw him first at the Grand Palais in Paris while I was shooting for Wire Image and again at the Avalon in Hollywood last week. I may see him for the third time in Paris on New Years Eve 2010 if I choose to be "out" that be determined. This show was spent dancing, balancing out my soul with adored friends. If you like good music please take the time to checkout this artist. Keep in mind though that anything you see onscreen does not give his live show justice.

I want to apologize for the poor quality image but I met Etienne de Crecy by chance as he was leaving the Avalon. My phone was about to die and the flash didn't fire.... lame.

What a wonderful soul. I am in love with the feeling.

December 3, 2009

“Decembering With Buzz Bands LA” at the Echo!!

Last night Kevin Bronson of brought together Helen Stellar, KAV, Square on Square and Nightmare Air for a show at the Echo. The evening reminded me of how much I love Los Angeles!
During the event I photographed show goers for the above montage. The segment is now known as "Suck On This". Enjoy!